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14 Ways (Liposomal) Glutathione Can Boost Your Health

14 Ways (Liposomal) Glutathione Can Boost Your Health

14 Ways (Liposomal) Glutathione Can Boost Your Health

By Bogdan Popa, M.D.


1. Lyme Disease
2. Autism
3. Leaky Gut (IBS, IBD)
4. Autoimmunity
5. Energy
6. Mold Toxicity
7. Skin
8. Liver Function
9. Immune System
10. Heavy Metal Detox
11. Brain Fog, Memory, Mental Sharpness
12. Pain Relief
13. Sleep
14. Chemotherapy Recovery

It’s a long list, but that’s because glutathione is an antioxidant powerhouse. From helping with the symptoms of Lyme disease to improving liver function to an antidote for pain relief, glutathione is produced by the body naturally, but production can decrease as you age. The good news is, you can increase your levels with Core Med Science's liposomal glutathione supplement.

Let’s take a look at what it can do:


The dreaded tick bite—it’s often enough to keep you away from camping and a walk in the woods. 30,000 new cases of Lyme Disease are reported to the Centers for Disease Control each year, and symptoms of Lyme can persist for years.

After being bitten by a tick, a person contracts the disease due to infection with a bacteria, a spirochete that infects cells by the name of Borrelia Burgdorferi (Bb). If left untreated, the spirochete can cause permanent inflammatory damage to the heart, brain, and joints. Immediate treatment with antibiotics can kill the bacteria and most people recover, but there is a subset of people in which debilitating symptoms—including brain fog, cognitive impairment, fatigue, and joint pain—persist despite antibiotics.

Chronic Lyme Disease creates an “alarmed” immune system that may be the cause of the majority of these symptoms. Others think that the spirochete, which is able to elude the immune system, is the problem. Regardless, glutathione pathways play a major role in all neurologic inflammation, especially in Lyme Disease. As a response to the initial infection, immune system white cells (neutrophils) increase their glutathione levels tenfold to combat the spirochete and the ensuing inflammation.(1)

Glutathione levels in chronic Lyme Disease patients tend to be low. Neuroinflammation can cause debilitating fatigue and the dreaded “brain fog,” making it difficult to think or focus clearly, even causing memory problems. Many patients find that taking liposomal glutathione helps them function and reverse some of these symptoms effectively.

Those who use liposomal glutathione report increase in overall energy, less muscle fatigue, and fewer neurological symptoms.

       I suffer from chronic Lyme Disease, and glutathione is my #1 supplement. My doctor recommended Core Med Science, and I think it’s one of the best on the market. I've taken it daily for over two years, and it helps me feel better and more energetic."



According to a report in Pediatrics, 1 in 40 kids have autism in the United States, and important research to help autistic children live full and rich lives continues. We know that children with autism have been shown to have lower levels of glutathione. So what does this mean? Lower levels make it harder for the body to deal with increased oxidation and detoxification of heavy metals and organotoxins. In a recent study, use of oral or transdermal glutathione supplements showed a successful increase in the plasma levels of glutathione in a group of 13 autistic children.(2) Higher levels of glutathione can help with cognition, mood swings, communication, and speech. The changes are gradual but cumulative with prolonged use of liposomal glutathione.

       My son is very high functioning autistic. Most people don't know that he is, but do notice a speech impediment and trouble with syntax (the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences). He is 13 and hitting puberty. His mood swings were awful. Since I started giving him these softgels, I've noticed marked improvement in his mood!”

— KG


Everyone’s talking about good-gut health these days. So, what’s leaky gut and how can we combat it?

The intestines have a cell layer with many functions, including the absorption of nutrients, immune system maintenance, and acting as a barrier of entry for foreign and toxic organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses) and substances like undigested food particles. When the gut is healthy and working the way we want it to, the barrier function is accomplished by “tight junctions” between cells that line the digestive tract. Infections, alcohol, poor dietary choices, aging, and food allergies can weaken these junctions and allow foreign organisms or toxic substances through that are absorbed into the circulation (heading to the liver first). Leaky gut happens when these foreign substances enter the systemic circulation. They travel body-wide and trigger strong immune cell responses and inflammation as the immune system cells try to neutralize, kill, and digest what has entered. It’s like a battle inside your body. The inflammation can become chronic and affect every organ in the body including the brain (brain fog, cognitive slowdown), the skin (rashes and psoriasis), joints (inflammation and pain), the intestines themselves (IBS, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation).

Glutathione plays a critical role in preventing “leaking” or what’s called intestinal permeability(3). Glutathione S-transferase alpha is an enzyme specific to the intestinal lining cells involved in cell protection. It binds glutathione to toxins and foreign compounds found inside the cells detoxifying and protecting the cells of the intestinal tract from being damaged which leads to leaky gut. High levels of Alpha Glutathione S-Transferase (Alpha GST) in the urine has been correlated with increased intestinal permeability or leaky gut, indicating Glutathione is hard at work defending the gut lining from damage.(8)

Glutathione is made up of three amino acids: glutamine, cysteine, and glycine. So you can see it’s a rich source of glutamine—a preferred fuel for enterocytes (intestinal lining cells) shown in numerous studies to be critical in repair of damaged intestinal membranes and reducing intestinal permeability while maintaining a strong barrier(4).

Liposomal glutathione also contains phosphatidylcholine (PC). PC is what makes up the liposomes in liposomal glutathione. PC is amazing even on its own. It has been shown to heal intestinal inflammation and is especially useful in ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) illness that can be a part of dealing with leaky gut. There is evidence that increased intestinal permeability is related to the pain, hypersensitivity, low-grade inflammation, and symptoms of IBS-D (diarrhea), as well(9). In conclusion: taking liposomal glutathione protects intestinal cells from damage(2), provides glutamine for intestinal cell repair, and provides PC, which replenishes mucous layer integrity and corrects inflammation, especially in ulcerative colitis(5,6).

       I purchased this because I go get IVs to detox, and this continues the process. I have inflammation due to leaky gut, and mold and heavy metals in my system. After the IVs, and then taking this product, I feel like a new person. Literally. Highly recommended.”

Just My Opinion


Autoimmune illness—when the body attacks its own tissues via the immune system—is on the rise in the United States. Over 30 million Americans suffer from them and many go undiagnosed. These illnesses can be triggered by environmental toxins, stress, leaky gut (80% of the immune system is in the gut), and alcohol. When this tissue damage happens, it creates a lot of “oxidative stress” as cells are attacked and damaged, leading to inflammation and symptoms such as fatigue (multiple sclerosis), joint pain (rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease), brain fog (lupus, multiple sclerosis), memory issues, and skin rashes (psoriasis). Glutathione gets used up very quickly as “oxidative stress” mounts and replenishing glutathione can lead to rapid symptom relief in many of these conditions.

       Amazing! I love this product! It is really good and helps me deal with my autoimmune disease. It gives me more focus and energy. Highly recommended.”

Frances R.


No one wants to feel tired and drained all the time. Energy production occurs in the mitochondria, the energy factories of our cells. They are also responsible for sending a signal to cells to die when their condition deteriorates. Mitochondria are constantly being attacked by “Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS),” oxidizing substances, which damage mitochondria and make them less efficient in making energy. Mitochondria use mitochondrial glutathione, or mGSH, to defend themselves against this constant attack. mGSH is not actually made in the mitochondria, but instead has to be imported into the mitochondria from the cell “cytosol,” where GSH is made. GSH has to cross the mitochondrial membrane to help protect mitochondria, keep them functioning, and keep the cell alive.

What does this mean?

Bottom line: it is a big part of the energy we feel. When we supply GSH with liposomal glutathione ,e are not only increasing the levels of circulating glutathione, but also providing phosphatidylcholine (PC), the building blocks of the mitochondrial membranes to keep them fresh. PC is also the building block of the liposomes in liposomal glutathione(7). Lower the levels of mGSH and you will get sick and have less overall energy for your brain, muscles, heart, liver, and kidneys. Supplementing with liposomal glutathione can help combat that “Why am I so tired all the time?” feeling.

       (I’m) extremely happy with the product and also the information provided. Ingesting first thing in the morning 40 to 60 minutes before any other supplements, I immediately had more energy that lasted all day long.”

David B.


Sure, you’ve heard of mold, but did you know it can make you sick? Mold and other types of fungus can be harmful to people. Fungi-like mold defend themselves by secreting highly toxic substances called “mycotoxins” (“myco” means fungal, so the term mycotoxins literally translates to “fungal toxins”). Some examples of well-studied toxins include aflatoxin found in peanuts, and AFB1 made by the mold aspergillus, a naturally occurring mycotoxin that binds to DNA inducing damage that is thought to be the initial insult in cancer. Another mycotoxin called OTA has been shown to increase oxidative stress in the cells which means a “rusting” of the cell components. Oxidative stress is caused by the increased production of free radicals. It’s been shown that OTA causes lipids to be attacked by these free radicals.

Oxidized lipids like LDL (bad cholesterol) are at the root of vascular disease like atherosclerosis (the build up of fats in the artery walls). Oxidative damage induced by the mycotoxin OTA was shown to decrease when glutathione levels were increased by taking the glutathione precursor NAC.(10)

Many people exposed to mold suffer from a variety of debilitating symptoms ranging from fatigue, brain fog, and the inability to concentrate, to joint pain and rashes. Glutathione directly binds and inactivates mycotoxins. The increased level of oxidative stress inside the cells allows for better cellular energy production and can lead to immediate relief.

        I have high mycotoxin levels and am recovering from Lyme Disease and (co-infections). The entire left side of my body is somewhat numb, I fumble with my left hand when trying to pick things up. I have significant brain fog and fatigue. It’s debilitating. I take this twice a day and 200 mg of acetylated glutathione in the morning. The numbness is gone. My mind and brain fog are nearly normal in function, and I can make it to late afternoon before I feel exhaustion. I may well be taking this for the rest of my life. Great stuff!”

— Nina


Skin is our largest organ, and because it’s external, it shows our age more than anything else. We all want to look good. We use creams, moisturizers, wrinkle removers, peels, and lasers in an effort to make our skin look younger. Some people also desire a lighter skin tone and look for glutathione, which has been documented to block the formation of the dark pigment in skin called melanin. Glutathione does this by a few different mechanisms, but primarily by blocking the enzyme called tyrosinase. In a review of the published research studies using different types of glutathione (reduced, oxidized, liposomal, topical, intravenous, etc.), it was concluded that almost all forms showed some lightening effect, but glutathione also had skin-conditioning effects, such as causing the reduced appearance of wrinkles and increased skin elasticity, in other words, an overall protective and anti-aging effect on skin.(11)

        Great product! I've read there are a ton of benefits from taking glutathione. Unfortunately, I've tried other brands before and saw none of those benefits. I decided to try this liposomal glutathione, as I heard it's better absorbed in this form. I can honestly say this product works. I'm at the age where my skin has lost its elasticity and glow and my hair is dry. Within 2 weeks of taking this product, I could see the difference in my hair and skin. Definitely recommended!”

— Sabrina R.


You don’t have to consume alcohol to worry about your liver function. We should all be concerned. The liver is our main filter for removing toxic substances like drugs and alcohol, but it also plays a key role in the metabolism of fats, protein, and carbohydrates, as well as synthesis of clotting factors, cholesterol processing, and bile production. Suffice it to say we are “only as good as our liver,” so we need to protect it. Glutathione is one such molecule that can help our livers function better. Glutathione is found in large quantities in liver cells since it is itself a detoxifier.

One good model to study liver function is a condition called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). In a study of 29 participants, taking 300 mg glutathione daily decreased the liver enzyme ALT, which is an elevated marker of NAFLD and decreases with improved liver function(19). Other markers of NAFLD (such as triglycerides and non-esterified fatty acids) also decreased with glutathione therapy. Using glutathione in liver disease has promising results and using a high-absorption liposomal glutathione product is the best choice as the phosphatidylcholine in the liposomes has its own beneficial liver function effects.

        Great liver support! These have really helped my liver function and detoxification systems in my body! I have purchased it many times and will purchase again!”

Sarie B.


The immune system is our body’s defense system. Most people usually think of vitamin C when it comes to immune system strength. But in addition to liposomal vitamin C, you should also think about adding liposomal glutathione to your routine, especially when you’ve been exposed to a prolonged period of stress, sleep deprivation, sick people (flu or common cold exposure), or if you have a chronic infection like Lyme Disease.

We know glutathione helps fight infections (bacteria, viruses, etc.) by priming the white cells that fight infection, such as natural killer (NK) and T-cells. GSH-enhanced T-cells are able to produce more infection-fighting “substances” and the controlling factor of both bacterial and viral infections(12). Shown in a clinical trial, GSH boosted NK cells' “killer” effect by 100 percent after 6 months of use(13). It also appears that glutathione actually has a direct anti-bacterial effect, as it helps a cell of the immune system in fighting the bacterium that causes tuberculosis(14). According to researchers, “GSH works to modulate the behavior of many cells including the cells of the immune system, augmenting the innate and the adaptive immunity as well as conferring protection against microbial, viral and parasitic infections”(15). A strong immune system is essential to good health and expanding your supplement routine to including glutathione can keep or get you there.

         I see many reviews talking about the increase in energy and improved thought process, which I fully agree with and noticed these benefits within the first week. However, I've also had noticeable results in a stronger immune system, as well as helping me get better sleep at night.”

Vinny C.


We’re not talking about turning down the music. It’s almost impossible to live in our modern society and not have exposure to environmental toxins like heavy metals. They are in our air (pollution), water, food, and cosmetic products (hence the rise of clean, non-toxic makeup).

As humans, we have a built-in system to eliminate these toxic substances. Glutathione is at the center of this process, as it directly binds heavy metals and helps make them more water soluble so they can be eliminated in bile and urine and eventually out of our bodies through a process called conjugation. In fact, engaging in a heavy metal detoxification program without the use of liposomal glutathione—which is a great way to get glutathione absorbed into circulation—is asking for trouble or may cause some unnecessary suffering. Many people use chelators, substances that get heavy metals out of tissues where they are stored, mainly fat. Chelators like DMSA, EDTA, and DMPS are synthetic, while chelators like cilantro extract and chlorella are natural.

Another healthy way to get rid of heavy metals is to lose weight, specifically fat. As heavy metals come out of tissues where they have accumulated over the years, they are released into the circulation. This is a particularly precarious time, as heavy metals are poisons which can cause very acute reactions. Mercury, arsenic, aluminum, antimony, and fluoride, for example, all block several key steps in energy production in our mitochondria in what is called the citric acid cycle (CAC). Neutralizing these poisons and restoring energy requires high levels of reduced glutathione (GSH).

Many people with heavy metals toxic loads have very low glutathione levels but restoring these levels can almost immediately replace depleted energy stores. Virtually no organ in the body is immune to the effects of lead, but most affected is the brain, especially in children(16), in which extremely low levels of lead can have permanent effects that last into adolescence and adulthood. Lead’s damage is caused by a large increase in oxidative stress as lead cause an increase in reactive oxygen species (ROS). Glutathione stabilizes ROS diminishing the damage caused by lead toxicity as well as all the other heavy metals mentioned above.

         “Excellent lipsomal glutathione! I have used many glutathione supplements and I believe Core Med Science's product far exceeds other brands in terms of purity, quality, and efficacy. It helps support cellular detoxification. As someone who has a GST SNP and an autoimmune disease, lipsomal glutathione is indispensable and Core Med Science's is my first choice.”

Jose S.


Feeling in a fog doesn’t have to be your norm and dosing on caffeine isn’t the healthy answer. Poor energy production in the nerve cells of our brains can be due to inflammation and lead to fatigue, brain fog, slow processing speed, and memory issues. Glutathione counters these issues effectively, especially when taken in liposomal form.

Glutathione protects mitochondria, our energy factories in every cell, laps up damage caused by reactive oxidative species, and binds environmental toxins which slow down the production of ATP, the energy currency of the cells.

Glutathione is like a fire hose that puts out the torch that is inflammation. The liposomes in liposomal glutathione have their own therapeutic role in improving mental sharpness. They are made of phosphatidylcholine (PC) which provides a rich source of choline. Choline, in turn, is used to make acetylcholine (ACh), the neurotransmitter responsible for focus and alertness in the brain. ACh is also used by the entire autonomic nervous system, the unconscious mechanism that keeps our hearts, lungs and other organs functioning. The combination of glutathione and phosphatidylcholine can provide a noticeable boost in energy—sometimes as soon as 30 minutes after taking one dose of liposomal glutathione.

         My focus and energy is back! I am taking this product twice a day and I have noticed such a difference! No afternoon crash and I can concentrate at work. I will definitely order again.”

Melissa C.


Are you living with constant joint pain and muscle fatigue? As mentioned above, glutathione directly extinguishes oxidative stress and modulates inflammation directly by influencing white cells such as natural killer (NK) and T-cells (white cells) to exert a balanced response to injury or insult from such things as chronic arthritis, Lyme Disease or even drug toxicity. Many customers report that their joint pain and muscle fatigue is substantially better after using liposomal glutathione.

         This liposomal glutathione really helps with my back pain/muscle stiffness. If I don't take it, I definitely notice a difference!”

— Elizabeth S.


According to a Gallup poll, 40% of Americans get less than 6 hours of sleep a night. Sleep deprivation increases oxidative stress, especially in the part of the brain called the hypothalamus where circadian rhythms (day/night cycles) originate and where most of our hormone-releasing peptides are released(17). While human studies are difficult to conduct, we know that the poor quality of sleep, especially deep-sleep deprivation, such as in obstructive sleep apnea, increases oxidative stress and decreases total antioxidant capability such as total glutathione plasma levels.(19) Core Med Science customers who use liposomal glutathione report a more restful sleep, especially with continued use. Note: Do not use a liposomal glutathione product right before bedtime as the phosphatidylcholine in the liposomes can energize you and cause insomnia right when you are trying to fall asleep. It is recommended to use liposomal glutathione earlier in the day. You will still get the same benefits and reduce that tossing and turning.

          I’ve only been taking it for a few weeks but already I'm sleeping like a baby through out the night. That alone is worth the price. Thanks!”

— Edwin C.


We all know someone who has battled cancer therapy such as chemotherapy and radiation. Traditional chemotherapy and radiation therapy employ agents that cause damage to cancer cells by causing oxidation damage (or increasing oxidative stress). Cancer cells, unlike normal cells, have a lowered ability to protect themselves against oxidation because of lowered levels of antioxidants. When cancer cells die, they release byproducts which rev up the immune system’s inflammatory response, increasing oxidative stress to normal cells which are already stressed by the effects of chemotherapy. Fatigue and brain fog persist long after the therapy is over. Glutathione is a key element to use in recovering one’s energy. Glutathione is like a mop or a sponge that sucks up and neutralizes free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) activated during chemotherapy that are still around long after treatment causing damage to normal cell’s mitochondrial machinery and strangling energy production. By reacting and neutralizing the oxidative damage to cells, glutathione can improve energy and post-chemotherapy/post-radiation fatigue, restoring one’s general sense of well-being after these therapies.

          After going through breast cancer treatment, I changed my diet dramatically. Even with eating healthy and being more active, I had not gotten over the tired sluggish feeling I had. Optimized Liposomal Setria® Glutathione has restored my energy, given me an overall feeling of well being, and helped my “brain fog” to clear. Feeding your body at the cellular level is a smart move. I highly recommend this product from core Med Science, best one I have ever used. I tried several other brands which did not have the positive result I have experienced with the Core Med Science brand."

Loretta T.

Glutathione is the body’s “master antioxidant,” and our Liposomal Glutathione Liquid uses the latest liposomal technology to provide high glutathione absorption.

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