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About Us

Our Founder

Dr. Bogdan Popa founded “IV for Life”, an intravenous (I.V.) nutritional therapy clinic in Orange County, California. Patients often respond dramatically to I.V. infusions and maintain the positive effects of increased energy, well-being and alertness for a period of one to several days after.

However, it is obvious that supportive oral therapy in between I.V. treatments is a “must” to maintain and supplement the effect of the nutrients administered intravenously as they start to taper off in between treatments. The “liposomal” method of oral nutrient delivery provides a perfect high absorption conduit to deliver the same nutrients orally as those used in IV form.

Dr. Popa created “Core Med Science” to provide complementary oral liposomal supplements with nutrients “matching” the ingredients of the most common and popular I.V. infusions such as Glutathione and Vitamin C.

Our Products

Our products aim to be “best in class”. Yes, there are other liposomal companies out there, but we create our liposomes through a natural process using no extra heat, no additional pressure and no solvents whatsoever. We use non-GMO ingredients and the water used to make our liposomes is extra pure. Additionally, we use non-Chinese Vitamin C (Scottish Quali-C brand) and non-Chinese Glutathione (Japanese “Setria” brand).

Our Differences

Core Med Science uses the latest liposomal technology to provide high absorption for essential nutrients with historically low absorption potential (examples: glutathione, vitamin c). We also strive to bring to market nutrients backed by the latest scientific evidence (AHCC) which can help boost overall health and support the immune system. We pride ourselves in the purity and affordability of our high-tech products.