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IV Hydration Helps Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck Win Thursday Night NFL Game

IV Hydration Helps Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck Win Thursday Night NFL Game

In an unlikely scenario, Matt Hasselbeck the second string quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts football team and who was fighting a severe viral illness, managed to win a hard fought game for his team after getting several rounds of daily IV hydration.

In an interview Hasselbeck said about having to get an IV after the game: “That’s not that uncommon. IVs are good. IVs are good for you. Some guys get IVs before the game. Some guys have to get them at halftime; dome stadiums, warm games. IVs, that’s just fluid, hydration. It’s healthy. I think I was just a little exhausted. I had reverse peristalsis—I think it’s called, a little vomiting.”

IV hydration can work quickly to rehydrate a person—usually within 30 minutes. It helps whether you are sick with the flu or if you’ve become dehydrated though exercise.

As an example, just today we had a client who is a fighter and who is dropping weight quickly before a weigh in on Saturday morning. Immediately after his weigh in he is coming to our clinic to rehydrate and boost his body strength naturally to get back into optimal fighting shape for his bout the same evening.

Replenishing Nutrients After Dehydration

While IV hydration is an effective way to quickly rehydrate the body, it's not the only option. After experiencing dehydration, it's crucial to focus on rehydrating with fluids and electrolytes. A balanced diet can usually provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients, but some supplements may help replenish what was lost during dehydration.

Electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride are essential for proper hydration and can be replenished through oral rehydration solutions or sports drinks. Liposomal Vitamins C and B, as well as minerals like zinc, are often depleted during dehydration and can be supplemented to support immune function and energy metabolism. Liposomal Quercetin by Core Med Science may also be helpful due to its properties that support zinc and vitamin C absorption. Probiotics can help restore the balance of gut bacteria, which may be disrupted by dehydration.


IV hydration is a powerful tool for quickly rehydrating the body, whether you're fighting an illness like Matt Hasselbeck or preparing for an athletic event. However, it's not the only way to recover from dehydration. By focusing on rehydrating with fluids and electrolytes, maintaining a balanced diet, and considering targeted supplements when necessary, you can effectively replenish lost nutrients and support your body's recovery. Always consult with a healthcare professional to determine the best course of action for your specific situation.

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