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Liposomal Curcumin 500 mg - Capsules (60 Count/ 30 Servings)

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Product Description
Curcumin is the golden, yellow or orange active ingredient extracted from turmeric root, a spice used for centuries in Indian dishes and Ayurvedic (eastern) medicine. Curcuminoids are well studied polyphenols (orange pigments) which are responsible for the health promoting effects of curcumin, which is why our product contains 95% purified curcuminoids. Unfortunately, curcuminoids are poorly absorbed into our circulation when taken orally in plain powder form. To make matters worse, high doses of plain curcumin can actually cause intestinal discomfort. Which is why products that boast 2000 mg aren't necessarily superior, especially when they contain bioperine (black pepper). Similar to aspirin, black pepper damages the lining of stomach and intestinal cells. It can increase the absorption of toxins and alter the ability of the liver to metabolize them. Bioperine can also alter the potency of cholesterol and heart rate medications. This is why do not use it. To allow for optimal absorption of curcumin, our clinically proven liposomal technology envelopes curcuminoids in sheaths of a proprietary dry powder lipid formulation which at once protect the curcumin from irritating the intestinal tract and allow for natural liposomal formation around the curcumin in the water rich environment of the intestinal tract. Once in circulation curcuminoids can exert their effect throughout the body but they are metabolized and broken down to tetra hydro curcuminoids. These "metabolites" are white in color and do not have the antioxidant and inhibition of inflammation support as curcuminoids. The source of the curcumin is also important as turmeric root is known to potentially contain heavy metals. Unlike our competitors we source our non-GMO curcumin from India because of its purity. Every batch of our product carries a third party Certificate of Analysis (CoA) which ensures our curcumin passes stringent heavy metal, bacterial, micro-organism and quantity (per dose) testing.

Key Benefits

  • PROVEN LIPOSOMAL BIOAVAILABLE CURCUMIN - Turmeric Supplements Are Tricky. You may see 1500mg or 2250mg tumeric advertised, but these supplements contain plain curcumin powder which won't get absorbed and may cause digestive pain. Bioperine risks stomach and liver toxicity so we do not use it. Instead, our proprietary, clinically proven liposomal delivery system provides superior bioavailable curcumin absorption. It is safe, easy on the stomach minus the liver side effects of black pepper.
  • NON-CHINESE, NON-GMO CURCUMIN - Our product is carefully sourced from India and contains pure tumeric extract curcuminoids, which are the active yellow colored molecules that give curcumin it's antioxidant properties that assist with healthy inflammation responses. Curcumin and curcuminoids are yellow or red bioavailable curcumin and have much higher antioxidant power and biological activity than tetra hydro curcumin which are just metabolites of curcumin and are white in color.
  • POTENT NATURAL ANTIOXIDANT - Our plant based natural curcumin phytochemical extract from turmeric, delivers 500 mg of 95% purified curcuminoids per dose. Curcumin is a beneficial antioxidant that encourages heart, digestive and immune system health.
  • HEART, BRAIN AND JOINT HEALTH - Curcuminoids assist in maintaining a healthy inflammatory response. Prolonged high levels of inflammation marked by excess free radicals can damage brain, heart and joints. Curcumin helps inhibit excessive inflammation to support joint, brain and heart health.