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Liposomal NAD+, 4 oz

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Product Description

NAD+ is a key molecule involved in several areas of metabolic activity, mainly energy production as ATP inside the mitochondrial electron transport chain. NAD+ also catalyzes (helps)  numerous enzymes. These enzymes cannot work normally inside our cells without NAD+ yet they perform critical functions such as DNA repair and anti-aging functions, primarily by a family of enzymes named Sirtuins.

Key Benefits

  • NAD+ and energy production - NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a molecule present in every cell. It plays a key role in metabolism and energy production in the form of ATP inside mitochondria. Low levels of NAD+ are associated with poor cellular function
  • Anti-aging role - NAD+ is a co-factor, or helper, to enzymes named Sirtuins. Without NAD+, Sirtuins can't perform their normal DNA repair and anti-aging activity inside our cells. Low levels of NAD+ are detrimental to the aging process.
  • Boost NAD+ levels - NAD+ levels decrease significantly as we age, yet NAD+ itself plays a crucial role in slowing down aging by stimulating the action of  Sirtuins. Providing a high absorption form of NAD+ directly can boost levels of NAD+. 
  • Better Sleep, Mood, Concentration; Less Cravings -  Improved NAD+ levels have been associated with improved sleep and mood. NAD+ can also help with mental focus and feeling less anxious thus decreasing cravings. 
  • Liposomal Technology for Highest Absorption - liposomes are microscopic spheres that carry and protect NAD+ at their center, fusing with the cells of the intestinal tract and delivering NAD+ to the circulation. Liposomes resemble our own cells as they are made of the same building blocks as cell membranes, namely phosphatidylcholine complex (phospholipids).



Can I take multiple doses? Should I take multiple doses at once or split them up?

Yes, you may take multiple doses. They can be at once or spread out throughout the day.

What is the shelf life?

The shelf life is 24 months after the Manufacturing Date (MFG). Some bottles have the MFG and the Expiration Date (EXP) printed on them. Newer batches only have the Expiration Date printed on the label.

Does this liposomal NAD+ have to be refrigerated?

Yes, but only AFTER opening. The bottles are nitrogen sealed which prevents oxidation and the liposomes are stable even with prolonged heat exposure while the bottle is sealed.

Is this made here in the USA?

Yes. This product is proudly made in an FDA registered, cGMP third party verified facility.

What is the source of the lecithin derived phospholipids?

The phospholipids in this product are derived from non-GMO sunflower lecithin.