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Maximizing Your Vitamin C Absorption

Maximizing Your Vitamin C Absorption

Vitamin C is a crucial nutrient. But most of us don’t get as much of it as we need. Why don’t we and how can we get more?

Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is one of 39 essential nutrients without which our bodies cannot function properly.

Just how essential is it?

Well, without vitamin C, your bones break down, your gums bleed, your hair and teeth fall out, and, if you are deprived of it long enough, you could die of a condition called scurvy.

Sailors experienced this condition called scurvy during the 18th century before they realized they could treat it by eating a few lemons. While scurvy is rare these days, millions of people across the globe aren’t getting the optimal levels of vitamin C that they should, which can put them at risk for a myriad health conditions.

One of the reasons that people have suboptimal levels of vitamin C is because our bodies don’t produce it. Unlike most animals humans have lost the ability to synthesize vitamin C (dogs for example dramatically increase their own production of vitamin C when they are sick) so we have to rely on diet to get sufficient amounts. Vitamin C then is considered to be an essential nutrient because without it we can die. But even if we can get it from the foods we eat, only about 18% of the orally ingested vitamin C is absorbed into our blood stream when taken from food.

The vast majority of Americans are not vitamin C optimized, putting them at an increased risk of cardiovascular illness, compromised immune systems, premature aging, increased stress response, and poor energy production.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a “wonder nutrient” that provides numerous health benefits.

Here are a few:

• It protects against cellular damage that causes you to age prematurely.

• Studies have shown that it can reduce “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, two high-risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

• It supports the making and maintaining of molecules like carnitine that are essential for energy production in the body.

• When used regularly, it helps reduce the number of colds you get and shortens any that you do catch.

• It’s crucial in the development of collagen, the protein that produces tighter skin and builds stronger bones.

• Studies show that supplementing with vitamin C can reduce stress hormones like cortisol, as well as inflammation markers like IL-10.

• Cutting-edge research indicated that high-dose vitamin C intravenously may be useful in the treatment of cancer (1).

Why Liposomal Vitamin C?

Only about 18% of the vitamin C we get from food is available in our blood stream, and the amount of vitamin C we get from normal capsule or powdered supplements is often far less.You can take more and more regular vitamin C in attempt to optimize their levels, but this can quickly lead to digestive problems like upset stomach and diarrhea.

Liposomal formulations counteract these complications by increasing absorption. The vitamin C in our products is protected from the harsh environment of the digestive system inside of liposomal structures — natural microscopic spheres of fat called phospholipids which make the absorption of Liposomal Vitamin C markedly higher than plain vitamin C equivalents. Liposomal formulations like our vitamin C also avoid gastrointestinal the side effects mentioned above at high doses.

Core Med Science uses the latest liposomal technology to provide high absorption for essential nutrients with historically low absorption potential like vitamin C. We also strive to bring to market nutrients backed by the latest scientific evidence, which can help boost overall your health and support your immune system. From liposomal antioxidants like glutathione, curcumin, and vitamin C to immune system boosters like AHCC, our products can help you live a healthier and supported life. 



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