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IV Therapy Hits Mainstream Sports

IV Therapy Hits Mainstream Sports

It finally happened in the 2015 NBA finals. IV therapy found its way to the headlines. The Cavaliers’ Guard Matthew Dellavedova got IV treatments for cramping and exhaustion after playing 38 minutes in Game 3. He reported having cramping, and his coaches felt his best chance at recovery was hospitalization and IV therapy to address nutrient deficiencies that lead to cramping. Dellavedova recovered in time to play in Game 4 against the Golden State Warriors.

That just goes to show the power of IV therapy.

And here’s the good news: You don’t have to be an NBA player elite athlete or exhaust yourself physically to the point of hospitalization to take advantage of the power of IV’s!

Whether you simply feel exhausted after your workout and can’t afford any downtime, or you’re training for a special sporting event and need the additional nutritional support an IV can offer, the IV hydrating and healing option may be for you. 

This IV not only replaces the fluids and electrolytes lost during strenuous exercise in about 30 minutes, but it also includes antioxidants and natural stimulating substances like L-glutamine, L-arginine and alpha-GPC which stimulate your own brain to secrete growth hormone. The release of growth hormone from the pituitary is the body’s way to accelerate repair and rebuild injured tissues like muscles and connective tissue.

Put simply, this IV provides the ingredients you need to recover fast.

Other Restorative Considerations

Although IV therapy can rapidly replenish fluids and nutrients in the body, it's not the sole method for recovering. It's essential to prioritize consuming fluids and electrolytes and to have a well-balanced diet. These practices are typically sufficient to provide the required vitamins and nutrients. However, certain supplements can aid in replenishing what has been lost.

Electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride play a vital role in maintaining proper hydration levels and can be restored through the use of oral rehydration solutions or sports drinks. Dehydration often leads to the depletion of Liposomal Vitamins C and B, as well as minerals like zinc, which can be supplemented to bolster immune function and energy metabolism. Core Med Science's Liposomal Quercetin may also prove beneficial due to its ability to enhance the absorption of zinc and vitamin C. Additionally, probiotics can assist in reestablishing the equilibrium of gut bacteria, which may have been impacted.


IV therapy is a game-changer for athletes and non-athletes alike when it comes to rapid recovery and performance optimization. As demonstrated by Matthew Dellavedova's experience in the 2015 NBA finals, IV therapy can quickly address nutrient deficiencies, replenish fluids and electrolytes, and support the body's natural healing processes. Whether you're a weekend warrior looking to bounce back quickly after a grueling workout or a dedicated athlete striving to take your performance to the next level, IV therapy may be the solution your body needs. 

While IV therapy is a powerful tool on its own, it's even more effective when combined with a comprehensive approach to recovery and performance optimization. This includes proper hydration, a balanced diet, and the use of targeted supplements like liposomal vitamins and electrolytes from Core Med Science. By taking a holistic approach, you can unlock your full potential and achieve peak performance.

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